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Why Choose Communication Technologies?

​- Winner of Nunn - Perry Award

- Named "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Virginia Minority Business Group

- Industry recognition in the Inc. 500 

- Deloitte's Technology Fast 50

- Frost & Sullivan's Communication Service of the year             


For 30 years, we have proudly served all agencies within the Federal Government, disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking integrated technical business ideas, offering scalable solutions for organizations of all sizes.

We are experienced in simplifying Technology. Our team of engineers, research scientist, program and project managers have allowed us to adopt a forward thinking approach towards managing the most complex environments.



We have been recognized by market leaders for setting the trend with our scalable business model providing AI Cybersecurity, Consulting and Managed IT Services, Staffing Support, Network Integration and Training Support.            


Presidential Appointment:

Member of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee(NSTAC) that advises the President on Telecommunications and Information Technology matters related to National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NSTAC)



Winner of Nunn - Perry Award

Named "Entrepreneur of the Year" By Virginia Minority Business Group

Industry Recognition in the Inc. 500

Deloitte's Technology Fast 50

Frost & Sullivan's Communications Of the Year

Our Service Capabilities Are:
CT World 2.jpg
We support your need for global growth

We enable global collaboration among teams and between

our customers and their partners

We help our customers manage their costs

CT World grey.png

We support your needs for

global growth

End-to-End Integration of network and communications infrastructures
We ensure security business continuity and compliance
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