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We’ve been delivering cost effective global networking solutions and services, professional managed services and training support for 30 years. Because of our cost effective solutions, and trusted partnerships - Government and Commercial enterprises have maximized their time, and resources to operate more efficiently and securely

Customer Examples

Military Postal Service Agency

Mission Critical System

  • COMTek is responsible for building (from concept to full operation) the mission critical enterprise application called the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS) 

  • AMPS is responsible for tracking and managing all MPSA’s activities, to include MPSA’s transportation, finance and operation assets.

  • AMPS is a web-based, Oracle automated enterprise system that was built using agile application development techniques.

  • Today AMPS is responsible for delivering over 131 million pounds of mail annually to the US war-fighters worldwide, to include hospitals, ships, bases, consulates and other military installation OCONUS.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Secure Wireless Network System

  • Over 130 ABG/N Wireless Access Points were deployed to provide full coverage at the HQ

  • Wireless coverage was provided on 22 floors in two buildings

  • Designed for Wireless Controller redundancy

  • Each floor is segmented as a separate network

  • Included network operation and maintenance

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