Professional Services


Outsourced NOC Services:

We Cover Your Back 24/7

Central to the success of any large scale communications system is its Network Operations Center (NOC).  Numerous large scale enterprises, including agencies of the federal government, rely on our NOC and our outsourced NOC services for support of their mission critical communications.

We monitor and maintain the networks that support our clients 24/7, ensuring uncompromised ongoing network performance, security and reliability, as well as immediate problem resolution. 

These same services can also be performed for our clients on their networks, on an outsourced basis.  COMTek will proactively manage and maintain your global network backbone and all access points. We’ll monitor them around the clock, trouble shooting and communicating instantly with site technicians if a cable is cut, a circuit goes down, or some other problem occurs. 


  • Supports all COMTek and client services, including telecomm, broadband, IT and wireless
  • Network management is proactive
  • Seamless maintenance services don’t interrupt customer service
  • Staffed 24/7 by highly trained personnel
  • Immediately addresses any problem with 24/7 dispatches
  • Accesses all remote nodes

In addition to our own outsourced NOC services, COMTek also designs, installs and staffs on site NOCS for service providers and other enterprises.

On Site NOC Installation and Management:

Safeguard Your Network with a Turnkey 24/7 NOC

Vital to the success of any large scale enterprise is its Network Operations Center (NOC), which monitors, troubleshoots and responds to any system outages or challenges.  But building up a NOC takes valuable time and resources away from your business operations and exposes your enterprise to problems in the interim.

COMTek offers the quickest, most reliable and cost effective way to create your own on site 24/7 NOC.  An industry leader in their design, installation and staffing, COMTek has installed these crucial monitoring centers at a wide variety of commercial and government enterprises.

 In fact, our NOCs are at the heart of some of the nation’s most demanding operational environments – including those of the nation’s defense and intelligence communities. 

We provide rigorous, in-depth training and all the installation and operational services you need for a turnkey NOC operation that will keep you network running at optimal performance levels and respond instantaneously to any problems.   

On Site NOC services provided by COMTek include:

  • NOC site design
  • Installation and development
  • Selection and deployment of management tools
  • NOC workflow process development
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing maintenance of NOC operations/facilities