Smart Grid Solutions

Climate change, rising energy prices and technology advances are all topics of high interest in today’s news.  Gone are the days when people mindlessly paid their rising utility bills.  They’re becoming more aware, seeking more energy efficient, greener alternatives.

And now, with the emergence of the technologies that make smart grids possible, companies can provide their customers with the information and control they need to actually change their behavior and reduce usage and costs

Smart grids also allow power companies to optimize grid performance, and prevent and restore outages faster, through the use of sensors, digital controls and other two-way information exchanges.  They can also incorporate sustainable energies such as wind power and interact locally with distributed power sources. 

Smart grids can also incorporate new sustainable energies such as wind and solar power, and interact locally with distributed power sources or plug-in electric vehicles.

Making Smart Grids Smarter and More Efficient

Comtek has unparalleled experience and expertise in secure smart grid communication network design, deployment and operations. A leader in Broadband Over Powerline (BPL), the two way communications system that enables smart grids, Comtek designed, deployed and operated the first city-wide commercial deployment of BPL in the United States.

Comtek also has the resources and expertise to help utilities add another layer of digital intelligence to their grids, with sensors, meters, digital controls and analytic tools which automate, monitor and control the two-way flow of energy across operations—from power plant to plug.

Using these tools, a power company can optimize grid performance, prevent outages, restore outages faster and allow consumers to manage energy usage right down to the individual networked appliance.