About Us


For twenty years, we’ve been helping government and commercial enterprises maximize their time and efficiency with cost effective global networking solutions and services, professional managed services and training support.  Here is a sampling of our customers and the services we’ve provided for them:

Department of State
COMTek was responsible for the provisioning of world-wide Telecommunications Services, including a range of sites with secure communications, circuit configuration management and 7/24/365 Help Desk support.

Department of Army
Department of Army, in a multi-million dollar, five-year contract, employs COMTek to provide support in the functional areas of Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) instruction, recruiting, retention and training to 277 colleges and universities nationwide.

Department of Homeland Security / National Communications System
COMTek developed concepts of operation, and policies and procedures for notifying senior government officials during national emergencies. COMTek also studied and published documentation on the impacts and security vulnerabilities of integrating Internet Protocols (IP) with the phone company’s digital signaling control system.

Military Postal Service Agency
COMTek develped the Automated Military Postal System (AMPS), for the Military Postal Service Agency, to provide mail services to the US Department of Defense personnel, their family members and other authorized users around the world. AMPS efficiently moves MPS mail to nearly 2000 military post offices, located in over 85 countries, to include Navy and Coast Guard ships. COMTek was the sole developer and maintainer of AMPS since its inception in 2000.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
COMTek implemented a secure wireless information access system that allows appropriate Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff to more efficiently and effectively store, retrieve, and share safeguard information between authorized staff and other authorized federal, state, and local agencies and licensee representatives.

U.S. Department of Agriculture
COMTek provides an array of IT services, including program management and on/off site support including: telephone/email/fax technical assistance, system remote monitoring and diagnostics, user training, web page support, network connectivity, predictive, preventative and remedial hardware/software maintenance.

Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Information Systems Agency selected COMTek to perform testing of COTS products to interface Department of Defense secure networks with the Internet. COMTek also generated policies and procedures for certifying and accrediting new systems for access to secure data networks.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Norfolk Naval Shipyard utilized DiskEraser™, COMTek’s premier data removal software utility product, to remove sensitive data from computer equipment in preparation for recycling.

City of Manassas, Virginia
COMTek is the first US company to deploy a city-wide Broadband over Powerline (BPL) network. COMTek owned and operated the City of Manassas BPL network, provisioning services over the city’s electric system. COMTek served as the ISP for business and residential customers, signing up new customers, and providing email and web hosting services.

University of Virgin Islands
COMTek provided consulting services, infrastructure integration services, and operational support services for a Technology Park development project. COMTek also assisted various departments and agencies of the US Virgin Islands Government to develop and improve information technology and communications support on the Islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John.