Carrier Services

Optical Services

Increase bandwidth, speed – and productivity.

COMTek specializes in high capacity optical networking, providing customers in government and private industry with the most advanced services and solutions for building, updating or expanding their communications infrastructure.

We design, deploy and manage highly reliable and highly secure optical networks for fast connections with very low latency, for critical applications of all kinds.  Our advanced transport network has a terabit-capable core that delivers the highest speed network transport services.

Through peering agreements and global alliances, we provide direct paths to all major network providers throughout the world.  And because we own our own cable and equipment, we provision services rapidly and cost-effectively.

COMTek provides a full range of services, monitoring signal quality and providing circuit protection with back up and incomparable reliability.  We can even re-engineer an entire network, connecting to new locations, and changing the type of service.

5 Reasons to Choose COMTek

  1. Because COMTek specializes in high capacity optical networks, we can build the network quickly.
  2. Our price is very competitive because we own much of our own fiber and have a smaller organization with lower overhead, our prices are lower too.
  3. COMTek’s turn up time is faster than others because we’re small and less bureaucratic. 
  4. We provide turnkey solutions and do it all, from building the fiber to provisioning, getting permits to testing, to getting it all up and running. 
  5. COMTek also provides monitors and value added services.